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RE: [Ltru] Re: "mis" update review request (from ietf-languages)

From: CE Whitehead <cewcathar@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 17:25:06 -0400
Message-ID: <BAY114-F17AC06EE2DAFAF53C667F0B3540@phx.gbl>
To: kent.karlsson14@comhem.se, www-international@w3.org

Thanks for the info.
Actually I often use a library computer, in the U.S., and I have not found a 
convenient way to type accents on it.
So I put my accents into html pages using numeric encodings, &#233; or 
whatever, & these would be useless in comments since they are special html 
characters & need to be displayed in a browser;
#233; in notepad looks like #233;  nothing readable.

(I don't even regularly put accents into my email in other languages;
& in fact sometimes accents do not display right;
but thanks for telling me that accents are safe in comments for script 
functions & such, as I now know I can cut & paste accents into my comments,
first, I just go somewhere I can type accents, then copy & paste those into 
my comments--
so long as they are ansi characters 
and will display in a plain text file; remember there is no display except 
what notepad [or whatever editor is in use] provides--

So I'm still unsure:  should I update the comments in my French translation?

I can get accented characters into an ANSI text file which is what notepad 
lets me create for the source code--
?? now this may be a dumb question, but do all versions of notepad display 
the same ansi characters the same way that my notepad displays source code??
[it is normally notepad that is used for displaying source code, sometimes 
it is something else; and since a user can ask to edit a page in Microsoft 
Word or Front page depending on what is on his/her computer then you can end 
up ultimately viewing the source using Microsoft Word ;  I wonder if it 
varies from country to country how accented characters in the source are 
displayed in notepad or Word;
I feel like I am getting way out of my knowledge base here . . . ] )


--C. E. Whitehead

>CE Whitehead wrote:
> > (French works o.k. though in comments; you just leave off the accents;
> > so you can have French or any Latin character set languages
> > in the code part of a document)
>Nit: Why do you leave off the accents? Comments are skipped in
>their entirety (whatever the encoding). I have source code
>with comments with all sorts of characters in them (most often
>encoded in UTF-8), except something that terminates the comment
>of course (linefeed or whatever). So far, none of the compilers
>I regularly use in recent years has complained about that. String/
>character literals and identifiers are unfortunately still another
>	/k

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