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Re: Internationalization--Working Draft

From: CE Whitehead <cewcathar@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 11:46:50 -0400
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To: ntounsi@emi.ac.ma
Cc: www-international@w3.org, bortzmeyer@nic.fr

Hi, Najib, I am not a native speaker of French; but I do read it fluently;
I think there are various possible translations into French;
there are still about three or four errors I must correct I just noticed;
the curly brackets mark an alternate way to say something
(ultimately I need to make a decision and get all the curly brackets out)
>CE Whitehead wrote:
>>If there is anyone out there who would like to read R. Ishida's 
>>"Internationalisation" ("Best Practices in Internationalization . . . ") 
>>working draft in French (I realize that both Najib and Stephane read 
>>almost as well in English as I do probably,  but if there is anyone who 
>>prefers to read in French;
>I understand French very well, et speak it much better than English. I am 
>then a potential candidate to review the French translation, and I would 
>have done it voluntarily. But I believe that it would be difficult for me 
>to make remarks without retranslating most of the text.

Feel free to translate any section you want of the remaining ones (6, 7, 
8)--if you feel there is a need for such a translation; I can go back over 
section five this week so you do not need to for now;
but don't waste your time at it--unless you think it would help you with 
your technical English, which is not bad.

>As an example: (refering to your link 
>1- Original English: "Always declare the default text-processing language 
>of the page using attributes on the html tag, unless the intended audience 
>uses multiple languages".
>My translation (understanding) in French: "On doit toujours déclarer la 
>langue par défaut pour traiter le texte de la page en utilisant les 
>attributs de la balise HTML, à moins que l'audience prévue n'utilisent 
>plusieurs langues."
or ne parle
why not "spectateur"??
>Yours translation
{"Your translation"; "your book"; or "that book of yours"; or "that is 
: "On déclare toujours {un valeur par défaut pour}
>la langue principale de traitment de texte en se servant des attributs qui 
>se mettent dans la balise html, sauf au cas où il s'agit de plusieurs 

I left off "doit" because I feel it's sort of understood particularly in 
French, moreso than in English.  I'm sure of that.

So, you say "langue pour traiter le texte" and not "de traitement de texte"?
thanks; as I was not at all sure of how to best phrase that
(I live in the U.S.; I can go online to check technical French but I am not 
sitting here in a technical French environment)

* * *
those attributes are not just used in the balise html but in all the 
balises, so I said "qui se mettent dans"
but maybe "les attributs de la balise html" is more normal

"prevu" is probably better than "vise" for a spectateur (audience???; I thin 
spectateur is fine)
vise is right for "une page visee", that is, "par un lien" (by a link).

I'll try "prevu" and also "langue pour traiter le texte"

(I lived in France briefly, twice, the first time six months; I worked in 
the grape harvest and illegally as a maid also and got along fine in French, 
I also took French in high school, did a minor in Romance languages with 
French emphasis as an undergrad, and then a minor also in grad school; I had 
French friends when I was in France, also when I was in Quebec, but I was 
only in Quebec a short while;-
and these are about all my credentials for translating into French;
I actually prefer French to English but see the need for English as far as 
money goes,
and it and not French is my first language)

Thanks very much for your comments; sorry I could not help then;
I hope my other translation

is better--
two of my former French teachers looked at it (one is American actually but 
one is a bilingual-binational though not a really technical person; in fact 
they had praise) and neither had any criticism though I did find one or two 
technical things wrong myself--that I hope I've fixed.

If that "Advanced HTML" translation is no good, or has problems, let me 
know; that is the main one I have posted and I think it is fine (alas, HTML 
has nothing to do with this list!  so no need to look at it, but comments 
are welcome; I want it to be useful too).



C. E. Whitehead


>2- Original English: "How to: Use the lang  and/or xml:lang attributes on 
>the html tag. Example 7 declares an HTML document to be in Canadian French"
>My translation (understanding) in French: "Comment: Utiliser  les attribut 
>lang et/ou xml:lang de la balise HTML. L'exemple 7 déclare un document HTML 
>en Français Canadien."
>Yours translation: "*Comment s'est fait:* Ou l'attribut lang ou l'attribut 
>xml:lang ou les deux attributs ensembles se met[tent] dans la balise html. 
>Dans l'exemple 7, on déclare qu'il s'agit dans un document du contenu 
>français Canadien."
>But I concede that my translations are subject to discussion too. what do 
>other francophones thinks?
>>I've cc'd both Stephane and Najib anyway, just in case either knows of 
>>anyone who'd like to read some of this draft in French)--
>>I've translated section 5 (Best Practices 1-8; however, I still need to 
>>correct a couple of things, I hope all minor;
>Is your translation the final (or almost final) version?
>There are many curly brackets, what do they mean?
>"En déclarant {le valeur par défaut de} {la} langue principale...
>On peut {, bien sûr,} l'annuler dans n'importe quelle partie du document où 
>il y en a besoin {/à/sur demande/selon les requis du document}."
>Best regard,
>>in addition, I hope to try to find French translations for some of the 
>>other documents linked to):
>>The translation linked to above is translated from the draft at:
>>(which I think it's the same document that is at: 
>>(Sections 1-4 are translated only in:
>>my previous translation of a previous version of this document --and that 
>>translation has a few errors in it, pardon--
>>http://www.geocities.com/quaiouestenglish/w3c/Specifyinglanguage.html )
>>(I am sorry I have not translated the whole; my understanding is that this 
>>is still a work in progress;
>>also, until now I did not have a computer to play with, just the library 
>>if anyone really wants to read the whole in French at this point, since I 
>>only have this computer for a couple of weeks,
>>it might be best if I found someone else to translate one or more of the 
>>remaining sections--6, 7, 8
>>Thanks.  Best wishes in any case.
>>--C. E. Whitehead
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