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Re: FYI: rfc4646. Some analysis code

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@nic.fr>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 10:36:04 +0100
To: Frank Ellermann <nobody@xyzzy.claranet.de>, Dave Pawson <davep@dpawson.co.uk>
Cc: ltru@lists.ietf.org, www-international@w3.org
Message-ID: <20061108093604.GA20979@nic.fr>

On Tue, Nov 07, 2006 at 07:49:40PM +0100,
 Frank Ellermann <nobody@xyzzy.claranet.de> wrote 
 a message of 10 lines which said:

> Dave Pawson wrote in <www-international.w3.org>:
> > After much struggling, I've posted a first attempt at parsing
> > langtag from rfc4646. Seemingly there isn't any code around. There
> > is now.

There was already. But it is nice to see more.


It reminds me we should really have a "Language tags Web page" with
pointers to code, to test cases, etc.
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