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Re: East Asian Emphasis Marks (Japanese bouten, etc)

From: Martin Duerst <duerst@it.aoyama.ac.jp>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 14:33:12 +0900
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To: fantasai <fantasai.lists@inkedblade.net>, Kenneth Whistler <kenw@sybase.com>
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At 07:16 06/03/16, fantasai wrote:

 >I have a copy of JIS X 4051 as of today, and Martin Heijdra helped
 >me find the right section. Here's what it says:

7.11 圏点処理 圏点処理は,次による。
a) 圏点の文字サイズは,親文字の文字サイズの 1/2 とする。
    Emphasis mark size is 1/2 of the size of the main (parent) characters.
b) 圏点は,親文字 1 文字に 1 文字だけつける。
    There is only one emphasis mark per parent character.
c) 圏点の位置は,縦書きでは親文字の外枠の右側とし,横書きでは親文字の外枠

    The placement of emphasis marks is on the right side of the outer frame
    of the parent character for vertical text, and above the outer frame
    of the parent character for horizontal text, abutting to the outer
    frame of the parent character and centered.
d) 圏点がついた親文字列は,元の親文字の文字クラスに従う。
    Character strings with emphasis marks take the character class of
    the original parent characters.
e) 圏点クラスの文字種は,JIS X 4052 の附属書 2 による。
    Characters in the emphasis character class are based on appendix
    2 of JIS X 4052.

 >Apparently the list of shapes endorsed by this spec is in appendix 2 of
 >JIS X 4052?

Yes indeed. Tha appendix has the following characters:

- sesame dot (also called centered comma, so it is indeed, as Asmus
             described, a centered comma)
- white sesame dot (white hollow centered comma)

- black circle (U+25cf)

- white circle (U+25cb)

- black up-pointing triangle (U+25b2)

- white up-pointing triangle (U+25b3)

- bullseye (double circle) (U+25ce)

- fisheye (U+25c9)

The appendix also has the following remarks:
1) The above list designates the characters used as emphasis marks.
2) By private agreement, parties can use other characters in
    addition to those above as emphasis marks. In such a case,
    the additional characters have to be listed in documentation.
3) The size of the emphasis marks is defined by JIS X 4051.
4) The design of the concrete shape of the emphasis marks is outside
    the scope of this standard.

Regards,     Martin. 
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