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RE: [newsml-2] People's names

From: Misha Wolf <Misha.Wolf@reuters.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 22:49:16 +0000
To: newsml-2@yahoogroups.com, www-international@w3.org
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Laurent wrote on 21 Feb 2006:

> I appreciate the smartness of your analysis. I simply doubt that 
> implementers will always easily grasp the subtlety.
> I like the distinction between "part" and "role". 
> I suggest that we merge "scope", "style" and "rendition" in 
> "role", so users don't spend 20 minutes asking themselves where 
> a given value should go (and choosing different solutions for the 
> same need). 
> A loss in detail, but a gain in interoperability.
> This role could be defined as NMTOKENS to accommodate eg
>    <name role="rl:sort rl:formal">Wolf, Michael</name>

OK, I can live with two parameters:

-  part (NMTOKEN)

-  role (NMTOKENS), encompassing what I'm now calling scope, 
   formality, and purpose.     


  <name>Pablo Picasso</name>
  <name part="pt:given">Pablo</name>
  <name part="pt:family">Picasso</name>
  <name part="pt:full" role="stl:formal">Pablo Diego José Santiago 
    Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispín Crispiniano de los 
    Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso</name>

  <name>Marilyn Monroe</name>
  <name role="scp:original">Norma Jeane Mortenson</name>
  <name role="scp:baptismal">Norma Jeane Baker</name>
  <name role="scp:married">Norma Jeane Dougherty</name>
  <name role="scp:work scp:usual">Marilyn Monroe</name>

  <name>Theodor Herzl</name>
  <name role="scp:western">Theodor Herzl</name>
  <name role="scp:hebrew">Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl</name>

  <name>Zinédine Zidane</name>
  <name role="stl:informal">Zizou</name>
  <name part="pt:full" role="stl:formal">Zinédine Zidane</name>
  <name part="pt:full" role="stl:formal prp:sort">Zidane, Zinédine

  <name>John F. Kennedy</name>
  <name part="pt:full" role="stl:formal">John F. Kennedy</name>
  <name part="pt:full" role="stl:formal">John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  <name part="pt:full" role="stl:informal">Jack Kennedy</name>
  <name part="pt:nick" role="stl:informal">JFK</name>

  <name>George W. Bush</name>
  <name part="pt:full" role="stl:formal">George W. Bush</name>
  <name part="pt:full" role="stl:formal">George Walker Bush</name>
  <name part="pt:nick" role="stl:informal">Dubya</name>
  <name part="pt:nick" role="stl:informal">W</name>

  <name>Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin</name>
  <name part="pt:family" role="prp:pronounce" xml:lang="en">Pútin

  <name>Misha Wolf</name>
  <name role="stl:informal">Misha Wolf</name>
  <name role="stl:formal">Michael Wolf</name>

Note that as every such attribute allows terms from any scheme, 
we (or a provider) can define schemes by their broad purpose, eg 
to indicate social scope, formality, or purpose.  And/or we (or 
a provider) can mix all of these terms into a single scheme.
The NewsML 2 spec doesn't place any constraints on scheme 


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