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RE: Language Identifier List up for comments

From: Peter Constable <petercon@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 18:39:21 -0800
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> It's true, though the more specific, the less of a chance of matching.
> It might be nice to know that the German if spoken through a
> is that of the Lauterbach dialect, but if the tag is
> then even though the text is perfectly uderstandable in its written
> to many other German readers, it won't match someone's "de-DE"
> preference and so will not be shown.

That is not how the language-range in HTTP works. If a user makes a
specific request (e.g. de-DE-lauterbach) but the available content has a
less-specific tag (de-DE), there will not be a match. If it's the other
way around, though -- user makes a request (de-DE) and the available
content is more specific (de-DE-lauterbach), then there *will* be a

(Specific implementations may or may not work that way.)

Peter Constable
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