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Re: faq suggestions

From: Tex Texin <tex@i18nguy.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 19:36:08 -0700
Message-ID: <41295818.DC50CDC9@i18nguy.com>
To: Jungshik Shin <jshin@i18nl10n.com>
CC: Jakub Friedl <kyknos@gmail.com>, www-international@w3.org

Hi Jungshik,

With respect to user agents reparsing documents from the beginning, can you say
which ones do this?
They are not obligated to and the wording of the standards implies that the
encoding "switch" from the initial value to the value specified in the charset
statement, occurs at the point the statement is parsed.

On a separate point I wonder if you meant ASCII-compatible or simply ASCII.
If the text prior to the charset statement consists of only ASCII characters,
then yes, the later position of the charset statement is moot. But if the
statements preceding the charset statement contain non-ASCII characters in an
ASCII-compatible encoding, if the user agent doesn't reparse from the
beginning, then it may misinterpret the content of those statements.

(To clarify, to e an ASCII-compatible encoding is one that assigns the same
characters as the ASCII character set does to the values 0-127, and then
assigns additional characters to values greater than 127.)


Jungshik Shin wrote:
> Tex Texin wrote:
> > Otherwise text in the page prior to the charset statement may not be decoded
> > correctly.
> However, as long as the encoding used is ASCII-compatible, it doesn't
> matter much. I believe most user 'agents' look for 'meta' declaration
> for charset and reparse the document from the beginning after
> determining the encoding (assuming http C-T header doesn't have charset
> parameter)
> Jungshik

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