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RE: Can servlet know the timezone of the browser?

From: Tavares, Marcio (v) <Marcio.Tavares@bowneglobal.com.br>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 13:54:08 -0300
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To: "'KOFF,CAROLINE (HP-FtCollins,ex1)'" <caroline.koff@hp.com>, "'www-international@w3.org'" <www-international@w3.org>

Hi Carol,

There is a tool called GeoIP, which have a Java version, that you can get
the location of your internet visitors. With this information in hands, you
can make some algorithm (I don't know any specific to do this :( ) to know
the timezone of the browser.
I don't know exactly if this will help you, but I think it can be usefull.

Ooops.. Url from GeoIP: http://www.maxmind.com/


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I believe this question has come up before, but I cannot find an answer.

I appreciate your help.
--Caroline Koff
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