I think I figured out the problem but not the solution yet.  As I mentioned in my original email "rq here being an object of com.jspsmart.upload.Request "  So this product com.jspsmart doesnt seem to support international characters.  Has anybody used it before and if yes any work arounds?  Do they have a solution or a later version which supports character set.

Best Regards,
Khurram Ilyas
>From: "Steve Billings"
>To: "Khurram Ilyas" ,
>Subject: RE: JSP international character support
>Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 22:50:07 -0400
>You should probably check to be sure the application server is running in
>(was started with) an ISO-8859-1 locale. Your code presumes that the app
>server has done an ISO-8859-1 -> UCS-2 conversion, but the actual conversion
>done is influenced by the application serverís locale (in some application
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>Subject: JSP international character support
>I am trying to add international charset support to a JSP based application.
>Have a jsp generated form where the client can input some text in a field.
>Name of
>the field being "text1".
>A servlet is supposed to read the data and store it.
>How am I reading the stuff? as follows
>String text = new String(rq.getParameter("text1").getBytes("ISO-8859-1"),
> //dumping bytes here
> for (int ii = 0 ; ii< text.length(); ii++)
> {
> System.out.println(" text bytes " +
> }
>But even here at this initial stage with no other operations being carried
>out the
>byte dump shows garbage.
>I have tried a lot of different ways and means but to no use. I am using
>2.2 so no question of using request.setCharEncoding()
>rq here being an object of com.jspsmart.upload.Request
>Again have no choice to change it.
>Yes did carried out a snoop between the client machine and Server. No data
>is being
>lost there so the prolem is in the code.
>Best Regards,
>Khurram Ilyas
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