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Re: For Chinese, UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding?

From: Chris Lilley <chris@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:20:45 +0100
Message-ID: <5264583343.20020312162045@w3.org>
To: "Musale, Shailendra" <Shailendra.Musale@F-Secure.com> ((by way of Martin Duerst <duerst@w3.org>))
CC: www-international@w3.org
On Tuesday, 12 March, 2002, 06:14:34, Shailendra wrote:

MS> Hello,

MS> We have a software for Symbian OS.
MS> We have software strings stored in text-only file format.

MS> Earlier, when we localize this software into European languages,
MS> we used UTF-8 encoding.

MS> Now, we are going to localize this software into
MS> Simplified & Traditional Chinese.

MS> For Chinese localized files, should we use
MS> UTF-8 encoding or UTF-16 encoding?

You will get smaller filesizes, for predominantly Chines material,
with UTF-16.

Depending on the software, it might be advantageous to stick with a
single encoding, in which case use UTF-8; if that isn't a factor,use

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