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Re: [chris@WEBARCHITECTS.CO.UK: RDF DC for right-to-left languages -- XHTML BDO and dir attribute?]

From: Chris Croome <chris@webarchitects.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 18:59:45 +0000
To: www-international@w3.org
Message-ID: <20020223185945.GA16619@webarchitects.co.uk>

On Sat 23-Feb-2002 at 08:36:37 +0200, Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
> Bdo should be used in exceptional circumstances only, such a "part
> numbers" or legacy visual text.
> Plain dir="rtl" is the way to go.

OK. The reason I wasn't sure was because I didn't know if it would be OK
adding the xhtml:dir="rtl" attribute to the rdf:value tag. 

> BTW, the lang attribute has no effect on directionality.

Yeah, I know :-)


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