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W3C Notification of Patent Publication for WO 01/90955 A2

From: Heinze, Bill <bill.heinze@tkhr.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 12:51:46 +0900
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To: www-international@w3.org
January 17, 2002

World Wide Web Consortium ("W3C")			
Internationalization/Localization Mailing List			
	Re: W3C Notification of Patent Publication for WO 01/90955
	    Our File No. 561401-9010

Dear Subscribers:

	I am writing on behalf of .NU Domain and its
affiliate WorldNames, Inc. to notify you and your organization(s) of the
publication of World Intellectual Property Organization International
Publication No. WO 01/90955 A2 entitled "Internationalized Domain Name
System with Iterative Conversion."  A copy of this document is available
at the following website:


	This patent application generally relates to a system, method,
and logic for managing data, including a database for implementing a key
value operation, such as a DNS resource record lookup, with a key having
a predetermined encoding, such as Unicode. Also provided is an iterative
converter for iteratively converting the key from each of multiple
encodings to the predetermined encoding before performing the key value
operation with each converted key.  The system may also include a
validator for verifying that a syntax of each converted key is valid and
a normalizer for normalizing each converted key.

	We believe that many of the technologies being discussed in your
mailing list infringe one or more of the claims starting at page 87 of
this publication.  We would therefore like to propose that you review
these claims and contact us immediately with regard to obtaining a
license and/or authorized access to WorldNames "MLDNS" multilingual DNS
products and services described at the following website:


	Please note that failure to promptly obtain the appropriate
authorization may subject you and your organization(s) to liability for
royalties in the U.S. as of the date that you receive this letter under
35 U.S.C. Section 154(d).  Once the application is granted, additional
remedies are also available including injunctions, treble damages, and
attorney fees.  A variety of other presumptions and remedies are also be
available in the U.S. and abroad.

	If you believe that you have a defense to these allegations,
such as non-infringement or prior invention, then please provide us with
additional information to refute our allegations and avoid further
involvement with this matter.  Similarly, if you believe that any of the
attached claims are not patentable, then please bring them to our
attention, along with any relevant prior art, so that we may submit that
information to the appropriate patent offices.

	We look forward to hearing from you.


William F. Heinze, Esq.*
Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, L.L.P.
100 Galleria Parkway, N.W., Suite 1750
Atlanta, GA 30339-5948
Tel.:  (770) 933-9500
Fax:  (770) 951-0933
Profile:  http://www.tkhr.com/wfh.htm

*Admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Not admitted in

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