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Areas (3): Country lists

From: John Clews <webbing@sesame.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 21:51:43 GMT
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Areas (3): Country lists

This relates to my previous email which has the subject Locales,
areas and regions (1) with a section entitled:
Areas (1): Principles, and to a further email with the Subject:
Areas (2): Arrangement

It provides a detailed listing of countries and territories which are
specified in ISO 3166.

1. List

The basic areas


are here further subdivided showing specific countries:


A02 North America
      BM Bermuda, CA Canada,  GL Greenland, PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon,
      US United States

A03 Caribbean
      AI Anguilla, AG Antigua and Barbuda,   AN Netherlands Antilles,
      AW Aruba,    BS Bahamas,  BB Barbados, KY Cayman Islands,
      CU Cuba,     DM Dominica, DO Dominican Republic, GD Grenada,
      GP Guadeloupe,  HT Haiti,  JM Jamaica,  MQ Martinique,
      MS Montserrat,  PR Puerto Rico,   KN Saint Kitts and Nevis,
      LC Saint Lucia, VC Saint Vincent, TT Trinidad and Tobago,
      TC Turks and Caicos Islands,      VI U.S. Virgin Islands,
      VG British Virgin Islands

A04 Central America (N)
      BZ Belize, SV El Salvador, GT Guatemala, HN Honduras, MX Mexico

A05 Central America (S)
      CR Costa Rica, NI Nicaragua, PA Panama

A06 South America (NW)
      CO Colombia, EC Ecuador, PE Peru,

A07 South America (NE)
      GF French Guiana, GY Guyana, SR Suriname, VE Venezuela

A08 Luso-America
      BR Brazil

A09 South America (S)
      AR Argentina, BO Bolivia, CL Chile, PY Paraguay, UY Uruguay]


A12 North Africa
      DZ Algeria, EG Egypt, LY Libya, MA Morocco,
      TN Tunisia, EH Western Sahara

A14 East Africa
      BI Burundi,  KM Comoros, DJ Djibouti,   ER Eritrea,
      ET Ethiopia, KE Kenya,   MG Madagascar, MU Mauritius,
      RE Reunion,  RW Rwanda,  SC Seychelles, SO Somalia,
      SD Sudan,    UG Uganda,  TZ Tanzania

A15 West Africa
      BJ Benin,     BF Burkina Faso,  CV Cape Verde,  CI Cote d'Ivoire,
      GM Gambia,    GH Ghana,         GN Guinea,      GW Guinea-Bissau,
      LR Liberia,   ML Mali,          MR Mauritania,  NE Niger,
      NG Nigeria,   SH Saint Helena,  SN Senegal,     SL Sierra Leone,
      TG Togo

A16 Central Africa
      AO Angola,  CM Cameroon, CF Central African Republic,
      TD Chad,    CG Congo,    CD Democratic Republic of the Congo,
      GQ Equatorial Guinea,    GA Gabon,   ST Sao Tome and Principe

A17 Southern Africa
      BW Botswana, LS Lesotho,       MW Malawi,     MZ Mozambique,
      NA Namibia,  ZA South Africa,  SZ Swaziland,  ZM Zambia,
      ZW Zimbabwe


A22 Northern Europe
      DK Denmark,  EE Estonia,  FO Faroe Islands, FI Finland,  IS Iceland,
      IE Ireland,  LV Latvia,   LT Lithuania,     NO Norway,   SE Sweden,
      SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen,
      UK United Kingdom

A23 Western Europe (Western Europe - North)
      AT Austria,    BE Belgium,  FR France,  DE Germany,  LI Liechtenstein,
      LU Luxembourg, MC Monaco,   NL Netherlands,  CH Switzerland

A24 Southwest Europe (Western Europe - South)
      AD Andorra,    GI Gibraltar,   VA Holy See,  IT Italy,
      MT Malta,      SM San Marino,  PT Portugal,  ES Spain

A25 Central Europe
      CZ Czech Republic,  HU Hungary,  PL Poland,  SK Slovakia

A26 Southeast (Southern) Europe
      AL Albania,  BA Bosnia and Herzegovina,  HR Croatia,
      CY Cyprus,   GR Greece,     MK Macedonia (FYROM),
      SI Slovenia, YU Yugoslavia

A27 Eastern Europe
      BY Belarus,  BG Bulgaria,  MD Moldova,  RO Romania,  UA Ukraine

A28 Turkey/Transcaucasus (Caucasus/Anatolia)
      AM Armenia, AZ Azerbaijan, GE Georgia, TR Turkey,

A29 Russian Europe
      RU Russian Federation (subdivided by region)

A32 Russian Asia
      RU Russian Federation (subdivided by region)

A33 Central Asia
      KZ Kazakhstan,  KG Kyrgyzstan,  TJ Tajikistan,  TM Turkmenistan,
      UZ Uzbekistan

A34 West Asia
      AF Afghanistan,  BH Bahrain,  IQ Iraq,  IR Iran,  IL Israel,
      JO Jordan,  KW Kuwait,  LB Lebanon,  PS Palestine,  OM Oman,
      QA Qatar,  SA Saudi Arabia,  SY Syria,  AE United Arab Emirates,
      YE Yemen

A35 South Asia
      BD Bangladesh,  BT Bhutan,    IN India,  MV Maldives,
      NP Nepal,       PK Pakistan,  LK Sri Lanka

A38 Northeast Asia
      MN Mongolia
      CN China
      HK Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
      MO Macau Special Administrative Region of China
      TW Taiwan, Province of China

      JP Japan
      KP Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
      KR Republic of Korea (South Korea)

A39 Southeast Asia (Continental)
      KH Cambodia,   LA Laos,      MM Myanmar,
      TH Thailand,   VN Viet Nam


A42 Southeast Asia (Insular and Peninsular)
      BN Brunei,     TP East Timor,       ID Indonesia,
      MY Malaysia,   PH Philippines,       SG Singapore

A43 Australia (States and Territories)
      AU Australia,                CX Christmas Island,
      CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands,  NF Norfolk Island

A44 New Zealand (and Associated Territories)

      NZ New Zealand, CK Cook Islands, NU Niue, TK Tokelau

A45 PG Papua New Guinea

A46 Melanesia
      FJ Fiji,  NC New Caledonia,  SB Solomon Islands,  VU Vanuatu

A47 Micronesia
      FM Federated States of Micronesia,   GU Guam,
      KI Kiribati,   MH Marshall Islands,  NR Nauru,
      MP Northern Mariana Islands,         PW Palau

A48 Polynesia
      AS American Samoa,
      PF French Polynesia,
      PN Pitcairn,  WS Samoa,
      TO Tonga,
      TV Tuvalu,  WF Wallis and Futuna Islands

A8- MARITIME TERRITORIES (in line with UN/ECLAC code and UN/LOCODE use)

A81 South Atlantic/Antarctic territories
      AQ Antarctica, BV Bouvet Island, FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas),
      GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

A83 Indian Ocean/Southern Ocean Territories
      IO British Indian Ocean Territory,
      TF French Southern Territories,
      HM Heard Island & McDonald Islands,
      YT Mayotte

Notes on A83 default:

      CX Christmas Island - information included with Australia
      CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands - information included with Australia

2. Options

It's expected that users/developers would want to specify different
options, e.g.

 - to combine Russian Europe and Russian Asia into a single entity, or
 - to combine Mainland Southeast Asia and Insular Southeast Asia into
   a single Southeast Asia entity, or
 - to combine French Guiana and French Polynesia with France, instead
   of the adjacent countries/territories that they are listed with in
   the default version, or
  - to combine Hawai'i with Polynesia instead of with the United
   States, (apparently at governmental level the USA prefers not to
   have a separate ISO 3166 code as a matter of policy, possibly
   because Hawai'i is a state, and other US entities with ISO 3166
   codes are not states; or

Comments welcomed.

Best regards

John Clews

John Clews,
Keytempo Limited (Information Management),
8 Avenue Rd, Harrogate, HG2 7PG
Email: Webbing@sesame.demon.co.uk
tel: +44 1423 888 432;

Committee Member of ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG20: Internationalization;
Committee Member of ISO/TC37: Terminology
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