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I do get the point and am definitely differentiating between character sets and encoding however the core of the problem is dealing with the character set.  The basic idea is to convert a piece of text from any format like ISO 9959-1 or Cp1257 or what ever to UTF-7; just to ensure that all the data is not lost in case the recipient device only has the capability to display the data in UTF-7 format.  As far as the 7-bit encoding or base64 or quoted printable encoding is concerned that is being taken care of.  The restaraint is that this has to done in java and I cannot find a CharToByteUTF7 or ByteToCharUTF7 in there.



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Khurram Ilyas Chaudhry
>From: "Thierry Sourbier"
>To: "Khurram Ilyas" ,
>Subject: Re: UTF-7 and java
>Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 16:10:11 +0200
>I don't know why UTF-7 is not included as a supported encoding in Java. I
>don't think that UTF-7 has been updated to support efficiently characters
>outside of Plan zero (the RFC 2152 assumes 16 bits characters), but I never
>had the opportunity to use UTF-7 may be that just a wrong guess...
> > Are UTF-7 and ASCII charactersets almost the same?
>Don't confuse encoding and character set. To simplify things UTF-7 is indeed
>designed to make use of only the mail safe ASCII values, but the trade off
>is that several values are often needed to form one character while each
>value represents a character in ASCII. UTF-7 allows you to represent any
>Unicode character while ASCII stops at the first 128. If you ever attempt in
>Java to convert a string in ASCII all characters above 128 (that's pretty
>all non-English characters) will be replaced with a '?', I guess you don't
>want to go there :).
>I unfortunatelly think you'll need to bite the bullet and write the code to
>transform a string into a UTF-7 byte stream. There are some C code samples
>available online:
>http://www.unicode.org/Public/PROGRAMS/CVTUTF/CVTUTF7.C (note that Unicode
>does consider it as obsolete :(.
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>From: Khurram Ilyas
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>Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 2:08 PM
>Subject: UTF-7 and java
>I was facing a problem while dealing with the i18n issues in regard to
>UTF-7. I was working on conversion to and from UTF-7 character set using
>java. However it seems that UTF-7 is not one of the supported encodings for
>java. The ByteToChar class for UTF-7 also seems to be missing in i18n.jar.
>Are UTF-7 and ASCII charactersets almost the same? Or is their any reason
>for not including it in java. Plus are there any work arounds.
>In case you have any advice as to how to deal with the issue please let me
>Thanx in advance.
>Best Regards,
>Khurram Ilyas Chaudhry
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