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Call for Submissions - 7th Conference on Human Factors and the Web

From: Mangin, Brian <bmangin@Optavia.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 15:11:01 +0900
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The following message is being forwarded to you because of your
participation in past HFWeb events.  Please feel free to pass this
information along to colleagues.

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Brian Mangin
Business Development Manager
Optavia Corporation


"Universal Access: More People, More Situations" theme highlights web
usability and accessibility

MADISON, WI (December 11, 2000) - Optavia Corporation today announced a call
for submissions for the 7th Annual Conference on Human Factors and the Web
(HFWeb) and HFWeb tutorials, to be held June 4-6, 2001 at the Monona Terrace
Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin.  The HFWeb 2001 web site,
www.optavia.com/hfweb, was also announced.

	The theme of HFWeb 2001 is "Universal Access: More People, More
Situations."  The focus will be on the challenges and applications of
accessibility and usability for web design, as well as other topics of human
factors interest. Topics may include usability studies of e-commerce sites;
current trends in accessibility design; human factors aspects of emerging
web technologies; current challenges of applying technology to web design;
or web design strategies.

	Submissions are requested for papers to be presented at the
conference. Papers for the conference are opportunities to present pieces of
original research that relate to human factors and web accessibility, and to
receive comments and direction from a group of interested peers.
Presentations will be 30 minutes in length with a 15 minute question and
answer period.  The conference, which is aimed at professionals in the human
factors and usability field, is free to registered attendees.

	Submissions are also requested for the tutorials being held
following with the conference. Tutorials allow presenters to provide an
in-depth look at specific human factors areas. These full-day sessions will
facilitate dissemination of specific practices and knowledge among
practitioners of usable web design processes. The submission deadline for
papers and tutorials is January 11.

	Optavia Corporation, a usability research and consulting company for
e-commerce, is hosting the HFWeb 2001 conference and tutorials. The HFWeb
conference is an annual event of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society's
Internet Technical Group.  Such noted companies as Microsoft Corporation,
IBM and SBC Technology Resources, AT&T, and US West Communications have
previously hosted the HFWeb conference.

	For complete information on submission topics and requirements, the
cost of tutorials, or for any additional information, visit the HFWeb 2001
site at www.optavia.com/hfweb, or contact Kary Lehman, Conference
Administrator  at 608-260-9000.

	Optavia Corporation (www.optavia.com) serves the e-commerce industry
with usability research and consulting for business-to-business,
business-to-consumer, and business-to-employee commerce. The company's
customer-centered usability evaluation and web design services benefit
clients nationwide by improving customer interactions online.  Optavia's
services promote superior usability and accessibility for client sites,
helping more of the client's customers succeed more of the time.  Using real
people and real tasks, Optavia Corporation makes technology comfortable.

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