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FW: Assistance in Web UI I18N/L10N Issues

From: Patrick Jenny <p.jenny@f5.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 09:02:18 -0700
Message-ID: <C18AF98DFF16D411925000508BA55479010F6208@f5-exchange3.win.net>
To: "'www-international@w3.org'" <www-international@w3.org>
I am investigating the creation of a multi-lingual Web UI for product 
configuration.  I looking for information on various ways this can be 
accomplished and which have been successful.  Unfortunately, I have not 
seen a lot of information about this.  Most of the Web/HTML discussions 
are based on specific I18N issues such as character set encoding, font 
selection etc.  I would greatly appreciate any information or leads anyone 
has in this area.


Patrick Jenny
Received on Tuesday, 17 October 2000 12:00:54 UTC

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