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[Moderator Action] Call for Workshop Participation: CHI-2000

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Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 22:29:34 +0900
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If you're going to the Unicode Conference in Amsterdam (or even if
you're not!), you may want to participate in this ACM workshop at the
CHI-2000 Conference devoted to multicultural development environments
(or lack thereof) immediately after the Unicode Conference.

The deadline for submissions has been extended due to late publishing of
ACM pre-conference information.  If you'd still like to participate,
please send me an e-mail indicating your interest.


	Mike McKenna
	ACM Workshop Coordinator
	Sybase, Inc.

ACM SIGCHI Workshop #2: Challenges in the Multicultural HCI Development
Sunday and Monday, 2-3 April 2000.

The effort to ease creation of multi-cultural systems is being
undertaken by an increasingly broad community of application designers
and developers. This task is not trivial given lack of tools, knowledge
and standards in the area of cross-cultural human computer interaction

This workshop, immediately after the International Unicode Conference in
Amsterdam, and as part of the ACM SIGCHI Conference in The Hague,
explores the challenges in the multicultural HCI development environment
and ways to overcome them. We will explore the cultural and linguistic
issues of:

キ Textual display design
キ Visual design
キ Intelligent agents
キ Social Interfaces
キ Learning modalities
キ Information retrieval
キ Language handling
キ Distributed systems
キ Integration of Unicode features

The workshop will focus on how frameworks and methodologies can aid in
providing modular multicultural interaction design and seamless cultural
and linguistic feature integration. 

Participants will be selected based on position papers or known
experience and demonstrated ability to contribute to this area. Please
submit a position paper, 2-4 pages long that outlines  your views on the
workshop theme and reasons for your interest in the topic by February
28. Position papers should be submitted directly to the workshop
organizers. Submitters will be notified by 5 March 2000 at the latest.
Participants will be expected to come to the workshop with examples of
frameworks and methodologies, and we will then work together to
understand and identify the common experiences and major issues in the

The output of the workshop will be recommendations for a Framework for
Modular Multicultural Interaction Design and recommended Methodologies
for Effective Multi-cultural Feature Integration, to be published in a
SIGCHI Bulletin after the Conference.

For more information, please visit the workshop's web site at:

Please submit your position papers via e-mail, postal mail or fax to:

Mike McKenna, mgm@acm.org
Henry Naftulin, naftulin@acm.org
Sybase, Inc.
1650-65th Street
Emeryville, CA  94608
Tel: +1-510-922-3579
Fax: +1-510-922-4228
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