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RE: Localization of XML

From: Rolfe, Russell D, ALSVC <rrolfe@att.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 15:12:34 -0500
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To: "'erik@netscape.com'" <erik@netscape.com>
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Thanks for you answer.  I hope you will let me ask a few more.

Who use's XUL?

Does it have to go through some engine and convert to HTML to go to a

If not what browsers currently parse XUL?

Thanks in advanced for the enlightenment.

Regards, Russ

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"Rolfe, Russell D, ALSVC" wrote:
> What is the difference between XUL and XHTML, or will XHTML replace XUL?

XUL and XHTML are 2 completely different beasts. XUL is specifically
intended to be used for UI (User Interface). It has elements called
"menuitem", and so on.

XHTML, on the other hand, is somebody's attempt to enforce XML's rigor
on HTML's sloppiness, an academic exercise.

Actually, that may have been unfair. It is probably fairer to say that
XHTML is the marriage of HTML with XML (or something like that). I don't
really know much about it... :-)

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