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RE: Unicode compliant HTML editor?

From: Chris Pratley <chrispr@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:08:00 -0800
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To: "'Chris Lilley'" <chris@w3.org>
Cc: "'olin@worldpoint.com'" <olin@worldpoint.com>, "Guo, Xin" <Xin.Guo@usa.xerox.com>, www-international@w3.org, info@unicode.org
Chris, if you care about your presentation working in Navigator (remember
many corporate clients don't), you can switch the output in PowerPoint to a
lower quality representation that Navigator can handle. Here are the steps:

In PowerPoint,
File/Save as Web Page
Click "Publish..."
In the "Browser Support" area, select the browser level you want:
* IE4 and higher (high fidelity)
* IE and Nav 3 or higher
* All browsers listed above (creates larger files)
Click "Publish".

The default is IE4 and higher only because many of the animations and
special PowerPoint features couldn't be supported even under Navigator 4.x.
The PowerPoint team tried pretty hard to support Navigator due to the large
installed base, but ultimately they didn't want to sacrifice the quality of
the resulting HTML presentation. Supporting both high and low fidelity
resulted in files too large for the typical corporate user (our target), so
they went with IE only. It was a hard decision, and you can accept that
explanation or not but that is what happened. Remember our two main goals
were WYSIWYG and full roundtrip capability, with files that were not
excessively large provided the first two goals were met.

Let me know if you try this option out and tell me what you think.

As for the XML - I'll look into what happened there. Our intent was
definitely to do correct XML syntax.

Chris Pratley
Group Program Manager
Microsoft Word 

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To: Chris Pratley
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Subject: Re: Unicode compliant HTML editor?

Chris Pratley wrote:
> I would suggest the Office2000 family over Office97. The HTML support is
> vastly improved and built in to all the products.

I guess that depends on your definition of improved. While there are
certainly improvements, I am not happy with a product that automatically
inserts a check for Netscape and redirects to an error page if I am not
using IE. (PowerPoint 2000). Its also very disappointing that the output
looks like it might be XML (xml namespace declarations, etc) but in fact
is not (for example, missing quotes in attribute values).

>  HTML in UTF-8, UCS-2
> (little endian and big endian) are possible.
> Notepad that supports UTF-8 is only on Windows2000.

Ooh, I will look out for that one. I am running Win2k.

> From: Olin Lagon [mailto:olin@worldpoint.com]
>> The Office 97 version of Microsoft Word (Word 97) will allow files to be
>> saved as UTF-8 and in HTML format.

Yes. Then use Dave Ragetts "tidy" program which is optimised for taking
Office 97 files and turning them into HTML. Its Unicode-freindly as long
as you use UTF-8. It also has increasing support for dealing with
Word2000 files as well. It runs on a bunch of different platforms.


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