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Re: greek char in UTF-8

From: <jeff.hickey@edwardjones.com>
Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 16:34:21 -0500
To: www-international@w3.org, Guy.Teasdale@bibl.ulaval.ca
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No, you cannot display all greek characters in ANY default font.  If your browser does not have a character set that matches the encoding, it will typically default to the ASCII character set, resulting in garbled text or an "empty box" to use your term.

I understand Microsoft has INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SUPPORT from their 'products update' site windowsupdate.microsoft.com. But you get fonts "they choose" do give you.  
I don't believe, Netscape provides language packs.  You could purchase character set fonts from Bitstream, AGFA Monotype, or Dynalab to name a few.  Or downloaded the language packs from Microsoft, and adapted them for use with Netscape.  (I've never done it myself, but have heard of it being done.)  Be sure in EDIT<PREFERENCES<Appearances<FONT you select "Use my deault_fonts, overriding document-specified fonts", so you maintain control of the fonts you are capable of displaying.

Jeff Hickey
Edward Jones

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> I am trying to understand how it works:
> I want to publish a text which contains non ISO-Latin Charsets. By exemple,
> there are many greek characters in this file:
> http://www.bibl.ulaval.ca/doelec/theses/memoires/1999/ChRiviere/riv007.htm
> I chose to use an utf-8 charset in the Meta tag: 
> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
> Everything works fine in Netscape and Internet Explorer IF AND ONLY IF the
> client has the VERDANA font on its computer. Otherwise it displays an empty
> box in place of the greek character.
> Is it possible to display all these greek characters in any default font...
> Times New Roman, by exemple. What am I missing?
> P.S. I prefer to use UTF-8, I don't want to use the solution :
> <FONT FACE="a Greek font">  qwerty </FONT> 
> Guy.Teasdale
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> TÉL: (418) 656-2131 - 2090 FAX: (418) 656-7897
> http://www.bibl.ulaval.ca/info/pagepers/teasdale/
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