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ICONV - Another charset conversion tool for Unix

From: Konstantin Chuguev <joy@urc.ac.ru>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:05:57 +0600
Message-ID: <380C2665.842887C3@urc.ac.ru>
To: I18N programming Mailing List <i18n-prog@acoin.com>, WWW I18N Mailing List <www-international@w3.org>

I would like to offer you a new charset conversion tool. Now it supports
80 charsets (mostly modern ones). I am planning to extend this list, as
well as add new functionality. The library requires dynamic loading
support on Unix, so it should work on all modern versions of Unix-like
OS. It uses GNU configure, and then should be compiled easily without
changes. It has been tested on FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris platforms.
Attached here is the brief description (details are in the
distribution). You can get it at
You need just iconv-0.3.tar.gz.
iconv-0.3-freebsd-port.tgz is the FreeBSD port for it.
iconv-0.3-mappings.tgz is the mapping tables, from which the charset
tables (C files) in the distribution have been built (mostly from the
Unicode Consortium FTP site). This file is not needed for building the
iconv tool, just for information purposes.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Best regards.

        Konstantin V. Chuguev.          System administrator of Southern
        http://www.urc.ac.ru/~joy/      Ural Regional Center of FREEnet,
        mailto:joy@urc.ac.ru            Chelyabinsk, Russia.

ICONV is 1) the library (libiconv.a and .so) for conversion between
various charsets and 2) the command line utility (iconv).

Supported charsets are:

Unicode:	ucs2-internal, iso-10646-ucs-2, utf-8, unicode-1-1-utf-7
EUC:		euc-jp, gb2312, euc-kr, x-euc-tw
ISO-2022:	iso-2022-cn, iso-2022-jp, iso-2022-kr, iso-2022-jp-2
ISO:		us-ascii, iso-8859-1, iso-8859-2, iso-8859-3, iso-8859-4
		iso-8859-5, iso-8859-6, iso-8859-7, iso-8859-8, iso-8859-9
		iso-8859-10, iso-8859-13, iso-8859-14, iso-8859-15
KOI:		koi8-r, koi8-u, x-koi8-ru
Windows:	windows-1250, windows-1251, windows-1252, windows-1253,
		windows-1254, windows-1255, windows-1256, windows-1257,
		windows-1258, cp874, cp932, cp936, cp949, cp950
IBM-DOS:	cp437, cp737, cp775, cp850, cp852, cp855, cp857, cp860,
		cp861, cp862, cp863, cp864, cp865, cp866, cp869, cp874
Apple:		x-mac-ce, x-mac-croatian, x-mac-cyrillic, x-mac-dingbats,
		x-mac-greek, x-mac-iceland, x-mac-roman, x-mac-romania,
		x-mac-thai, x-mac-turkish, x-mac-ukraine
CJK:		big5, cns11643, gb_2312-80, gb12345, johab, ksx1001,
		shift_jis, jis_x0201, jis_x0208-1983, jis_x0212-1990

		Konstantin Chuguev <joy@urc.ac.ru>	September 1999.
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