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Re: Where's Greek? [Was: Re: Web pages in twenty nine languages + Unicode]

From: Misha Wolf <misha.wolf@reuters.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 14:03:05 +0000 (GMT)
To: ISO10646 <iso10646@listproc.hcf.jhu.edu>, Unicode <unicode@unicode.org>, www-international <www-international@w3.org>
Message-Id: <7505031420021997/A91286/REDMS1/11B2A3830500*@MHS>
Murray wrote (to the iso10646 list):

>Where's Greek?

The last paragraph on the Languages page at 
<http://www.reuters.com/unicode/iuc10/languages.html> was, until very recently:

   The text on these Web pages was provided by volunteer translators (see the 
   Credits page).  If you would like to offer a language we don't yet have, 
   or have a comment about one of the existing pages, please mail us.

As a Greek translation wasn't offered, I conclude that either no speakers of 
Greek are watching this stuff, or that they are but don't care or can't be 
bothered.  The same, of course, goes for a few thousand other languages :-)

If any speakers of Greek read this mail, PLEASE, don't send me a translation 
at this late stage.  No further translations will be added to the IUC10 Web 
pages.  But, before too long, we will start planning IUC11 and will, probably, 
repeat this effort.  So, if you want to do some volunteer translating for our 
Web pages, watch this space.

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