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Project Reviewers for Language Engineering

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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 18:11:56 +0200
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The Language Engineering sector of the European Commission's Telematics Applications Programme is probably the largest R&D endeavour ever undertaken at European level to promote the integration of advanced written and spoken language technologies within transnational information and communication systems.  

Since 1995, the sector has launched some 50 projects, involving 450 organisations in 20 countries, and  covering a wide range of technologies, business sectors, and target user groups. 

The projects supported by Language Engineering are required to undergo annual review by independent experts, who are invited to assess overall progress with respect to project and Telematics programme obejctives, technical and managerial aspects, and criteria such as innovation, prospects for post project exploitation, etc.

In order to allow for a more informed and wide ranging assessment of LE projects and activities, the sector now wishes to enlarge the pool of expertise from which reviewers are drawn. We are therefore looking for highly qualified individuals, representing a broad range of background and expertise, who will be charged with specific review tasks from November 1997 onwards. A typical project review normally comprises some 7 days work, including a two day on site visit to the premises of the main contractor.

In principle, applications are restricted to citizens of the EU, EEA, and EFTA countries and those having bilateral agreements covering participation in EU RTD programmes. 

Application forms may be obtained:

on the Web at   http://www.anite-systems.lu/lenew/eval.html
by e-mail from  stephanie.novelli@lux.dg13.cec.be
by fax from     +352 4301 34999

Completed forms should be returned by fax or e-mail as above by early July.

Further information on the Language Engineering sector, activities and current projects may be found at 
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