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RE: Sevilla

From: Zeger Karssen <zegerk@alpnet.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 04:45:58 -0700
To: Daniel.Glazman@der.edfgdf.fr (Daniel Glazman), www-international@w3.org (www-international)
Message-ID: <1996Nov26.122100.1656.298134@msmail.wise.net>

let me add to the spanish aircontrol strike the technical problem which we 
with the Air France fight from Sevilla to Paris last sunday-evening, so some 
could not leave before monday!

And yes, thanks Tomas for the symposium, it was interesting.


From: Daniel Glazman
To: www-international
Subject: Sevilla
Date: Tuesday 26 November 1996 2:24

Hi folks,

I'd like to thank Tomas Manual Carrasco Benitez for organizing the
Web Internationalization & Multilinguism Symposium in Sevilla last week !
Great time and very interesting data. Gaspacho was fine too ;-))))

Some of the people who stayed the week-end in Andalusia might be hard
to reach : the spanish air traffic control started a "surprise strike"
in all Spain monday 00h00. When 35 planes had to leave Madrid airport
monday morning, only 9 took off !

Best regards from Paris which is struck in trucks' strike (this last
sentence is a pronunciation exercise for non anglo-saxon readers... ;-)


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