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From: M.T. Carrasco Benitez <carrasco@innet.lu>
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 10:47:07 +0200 (MET DST)
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                              20-22 NOVEMBER 1996
   The Web Internationalization & Multilinguism Symposium (WInter
   Symposium) will take place in Sevilla (Spain) between the 20 and the
   22 November 1996.
   The objective of the Symposium is the advancement of the
   Internationalization & Multilinguism of the Web. The more concrete
   goal is to seek agreement on the relevant standards. The rationale is
   to gather all the interested parties, in particular:
     * Users, particularly large users with advanced multilingual needs.
     * Vendors of Web products (e.g., browsers, servers, ...).
     * Vendors of linguistic products (e.g., translator workbenches).
     * Standards promoters (e.g, W3C).
     * Social and political stakeholders (e.g., European Commission)
   Rapporteurs will present for each theme of the program the different
   options, implications, level of consensus, etc. Rapporteurs do not
   represent their position, they gather all the positions, including
   theirs. Participants new to the Internationalization & Multilinguism
   on Web would have the opportunity to get up to speed in a short time.
   For the W3C members, the Symposium has the status of a W3C workshop.
Draft program
     * A global functional view
     * Social and political aspects
     * Character sets
     * Fonts
     * HTTP
     * HTML
     * URL
     * BIDI
     * LINK ( LANG
     * VRML
     * Java
     * CSS
     * Localization
     * Undisplayable characters
     * Multilingual typography
     * Passing selected text to a CGI
     * Parallel Hypertext
     * Translation
     * Terminology
     * Multilingual concept search
     * Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
     * Reference model
   Only the internationalization and multilinguism aspect of the above
   subject will be considered. Comments on the program should be sent to
   Registration will be accepted from the 15 September 1996. Registration
   details will be advertised later in this page.
     * $450 : Until 31 October 1996
     * $500 : After 31 October 1996
   This is for the Symposium(s), printed material, lunches and coffees.

Traveling & accommodation
   Participants are to make their own travel and accommodations
   arrangement. Information will be provided in the Symposium travel and
   accommodation server.
   The language of the Symposium is English. There will be simultaneous
   translation English/Spanish.
   The Symposium is co-organized by Sadiel and the World Wide Web
   Consortium. It has the support of the European Commission. The
   chairman of the Symposium is M.T. Carrasco Benitez.
   Sadiel is a firm from Sevilla, mostly owned by the Junta de Andalucia
   (the regional government). Sadiel will be in charge of the logistics,
   including the registration.
Project Sevilla
   The objective of this project is translating, to as many languages as
   possible, the Web pages of the event. It is not properly part of the
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