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RE: Comments on ITS 1.0 and "best practices" documents

From: Richard Ishida <ishida@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 13:03:23 +0100
To: "'Kara Warburton'" <KARA@CA.IBM.COM>, <www-i18n-comments@w3.org>
Message-ID: <009401c7e646$c58b2c00$6401a8c0@rishida>

Hello Kara,

Just noticed this in passing and thought I'd poke my nose in.  You said:

Section 5.2.2
Example 15.
The text given for the its:dir="rtl" attribute comprises mixed
directionality text (not just rtl text) by
including the string "W3C". If you apply the rtl rule here, then this string
will be rendered "C3W". This
problem occurs in many examples of the rtl attribute both in this document
(ITS V 1.0) and in the "Best
practices for XML Internationalization" document. Wouldn't it make more
sense for the sample to be
written something like the following:
<title><quote xml:lang="ar" its:dir="rtl">..arabic text here..</quote>, W3C

Your assumption that W3C would turn out as C3W is incorrect.  The
bidirectional algorithm sorts a run of such characters in the appropriate
order.  Also, marking up as you propose would actually produce the wrong
result, since the W3C needs to appear to the *left* of the arabic text, with
the comma between the W3C and the arabic.  Your approach to the markup would
produce the comma and W3C to the right of the arabic.

To understand this better, you may like to read

Hope that helps,

Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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> Thanks.
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