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Editorial comments on Framework Document for i18n Guidelines 1.0

From: A. Vine <andrea.vine@Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 18:13:23 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: www-i18n-comments@w3.org

Just edits.

Whole document
"eg." => "e.g."

Also, document is part British English and part American English, in 
spelling and wording.  Is this intentional?

Titlecase for "i18n" is "I18n", so "Framework Document for i18n Guidelines 
1.0" should be "Framework Document for I18n Guidelines 1.0".  Having said 
that it is preferable to spell out internationalization.

1 Introduction
" ... has yet to tested against ... "

"It is worth noting that it is not currently expected that the 
recommendations produced by GEO will be tied in to conformance checking." 
repetition/run-on, maybe remove "It is worth noting that"

2 Audience & scope
"9.  At a later date we may create generalized Guidelines in the WCAG 
sense, but the initial focus will be to provide technology-specific 
Techniques." - must make a decision about when and why "guidelines" and 
"techniques" are capitalized.  In the context of this document, this is the 
only place where they are capitalized, thus looking out of place.

3 Usability
"addtional" => "additional"

4 General architectural approach
"to the rules of the WAI techniques" - what is WAI?

"w3c" => "W3C"

7.1.1 Audience & scope
"ie." => "i.e."

7.1.2 Structure
"ie." => "i.e."
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