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Type or print Barcodes, Inspection (GD&T or SPC) symbols from "CAD", "Solidworks", "Word" etc.

From: <brenda@kanecal.net>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 11:13:22 -0800
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Print SPC, Barcode and GD&T symbol fonts from your Computer in Word, Excel, CAD etc. We also provide a link to FREE Military and Dept. of Defense specifications. To read or print. No catches!

Print Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing (GD&T), Statistical Process Control (SPC) or Barcodes (Code 39/128) symbols on your PC! Perfect for publications, letters, forms, test materials, inspection reports etc!

"True position", "profile of a surface", "grand average of sigma" etc., all hand crafted into TrueType fonts for your PC. Windows or Mac, these fonts are available from all your applications' drop down lists. 

Do you outsource your customer bar code requirements because typical barcode "systems" are way too expensive? What if you could print your own shipping/inventory labels right from "Word", "Word Perfect", or "Excel"?

We also make custom fonts for any application. We have combined several existing fonts and added specific symbols to exact specifications. We are also the most affordable font source.

If this is not a concern, please pass this on to your professional counterparts that could use these timesaving symbol fonts. If this does concern you, please read on;

Most managers do not realize that college and university graduates in the quality or engineering fields do not receive formal GD&T training as part of their educational program. This is alarming since these people are hired into design, manufacturing or quality control/assurance positions which all require reading drawings and properly interpreting all requirements. Now these symbols are available in a font with an easy to read wall chart that depicts the symbol, its name/meaning and where to find detailed reference to its use.

We provide Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T per ASME Y 14.5 [formerly ANSI] symbols), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Feature Control Frame, General Blueprint/Inspection symbols and Barcode (Logmar) fonts that appear in "Word", "Excel", CAD, Autocad, Pro/E, Solidworks, Autocad LT, Corel Draw® or Word Perfect® drop down lists that have all the versatility of other system fonts. Our symbol fonts are perfect for letters, notices, drawings, resumes, forms periodicals, manuals, brochures or reports. 

Our bar-code fonts are compliant with all required ASTM and Military specifications for shipment labels, inventory or general identification for major contractors or government use. We carry Code 39 and 128 sets and UPC is coming soon.
Unlike most other providers, our fonts range in price from $15-$35. Please visit our site @ http://www.kanecal.net for more information. We would be proud to be affiliated with your company or institution and we believe that many professionals from the Education, Manufacturing, Quality and Engineering/Design field would appreciate our products and services.

Our satisfied customer lists includes numerous Inspection Services, Defense Contractors, Qualilty Control Software designers and Metrology Labs as well as Raytheon Industries and soon, Delta Airlines.


Brenda Armstrong
Kanecal Consumer Relations

Note; You are not on any "spam" list. If you have no interest, please pass this on to those who may use it. We will not contact you again unless you specifically request it. 


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