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Problem in publishing multilingual HTML document on web in UTF-8 encoding

From: आशीष शुक्ला \ <wahjava@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 00:06:01 +0530
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Hello members,

How to publish multilingual documents on web, in UTF-8 encoding, in case
where you don't own a web server (or don't have any rights to influence
its HTTP headers) ?

We'd a discussion on this topic in our newsgroup. So, I don't duplicate
the stuff here, instead I would paste a URL to the discussion, please
refer to it.


Sorry for any inconvenience, but I think I've found a bug in HTML
specification (which might be prevalent in XHTML specifications also).
Not necessarily a bug, but a correction that needs to be done in the
HTML specification.

Thanks for your time..

Thanks in advance,
Ashish Shukla

P.S. I've sent this mail previously also (from GNOME Evolution, with
PGP signature and without PGP signature) but it never showed up in
this list.
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