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XHTML Basic 1.1 Last Call comment

From: Alastair Angwin <alastair_angwin@uk.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 17:16:20 +0100
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF3AFE8C0C.B6B22671-ON802571C0.00590140-802571C0.00596327@uk.ibm.com>

Having read the XHTML Basic 1.1 last call draft dated July 5th 2006 I have
the following two comments.

To put them into context there have been a couple of liaisons re
harmonising XHTML Basic with XHTML Mobile Profile 1.2 with an intent to get
an updated Basic to be suitable as a language replacement for XHTMLMP 1.2.
OMA then might only need to deal with residual conformance to that
language. These liaisons built on a dialogue with CDF re their needs for an
appropropriate XHTML profile and XHTMLMP has reasonable market presence.
XHTML Basic 1.1 is, I believe, the target for the language convergence. Yet
the draft of July 5th 2006 it is not per the understanding formed.

Now to the comments themselves

1.   The presentation module is not in the July 5th draft.
      XHTML Mobile Profile 1,2 included most of the presentation module and
the latest public draft shows the remainder has been picked up in line with
the above discussions.
     To ensure the migration path of XHTML MP to simply pick up XHTML Basic
1.1 as the language inclusion of the presentation module is sought

2.  The target attribute is included in XHTML Basic 1.1 and is not in XHTML
Mobile Profile 1.2.
     Before adding something to a profile suited to mobile devices it needs
there need to be clear requirements for it and the ramifications
understood. The current constrained environment of mobile devices
(resources, UI) etc suggest target is not suited to the mass market,
perhaps not for some time. The desire of CDF to use the target attribute
may be clear (a psuedo-frames approach if you like for addressing) but
frames are a concept not well suited to constrained devices nor is the
nesting of significant numbers of complex documents on constrained UI's,
i.e. implementations may choose to have each nested document in a separate
window rather than truly honour any layout of nested documents as though
one rendered document. Given this the authors intent is not realised even
if functionally the desire of CDF to address the windows is met.
   Moreover the Mobile Web BP doc does not endorse the use of target for
the mobile environment
   Thus I would propose target is not included in XHTML Basic 1.1 at this
point in time if convergence with XHTML MP 1.2 and its suitability for the
mass mobile environment is a goal. Rather it should be the topic of a
futher evolution of Basic or used only in a CDF context.


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