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Re: Viral fragment identity ecosystem

From: Orion Adrian <orion.adrian@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 23:17:35 -0400
Message-ID: <abd6c8010510042017h24f53eb3pd03c168e810af735@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-html@w3.org

On 10/4/05, Ryan King <ryan@theryanking.com> wrote:
> On Oct 4, 2005, at 6:03 PM, Orion Adrian wrote:
> > On 10/4/05, Ryan King <ryan@theryanking.com> wrote:
> >> I disagree- ids which are functional will be less likely to change.
> >
> > I'm what I like to call a practical idealist. Something between an
> > optimist and a realist. At some point, don't we just say that URL+ID
> > isn't something people are ever going to pick up on because there's
> > just too much momentum with those particular technologies in the wrong
> > direction that people will continue to use it the wrong way because
> > it's always been used the wrong way?
> I don't think there's *that much* momentum. I think that we're still
> with the bounds of making url + id usuable as globally unique
> identifiers- I see people treat them as such all the time.

My one problem here is that even if URL's are stable, ID's don't
survive revisions of the document and they really don't survive
restructuring of the page. Since web pages are more like applications
then they are documents and the content in said pages is more like UI
than content, ID's don't work as long as they're relative. More on
this tomorrow.


Orion Adrian
Received on Wednesday, 5 October 2005 03:17:45 UTC

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