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a matter of politeness...

From: Oskar Welzl <lists@welzl.info>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 22:54:34 +0100
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <1131659674.27078.8.camel@erde.hormayrgasse>

Dear members of www-html,

I may have to re-introduce myself here before I send the following
posting to this list. My name's Oskar, I live in Vienna, Austria, and my
work is not in any way related to web technologies, although I used to
do some design and software dev. in the past. http://www.welzl.info is 2
years old by now, but it's a place to start in case you want to invite
me for dinner.

My interest in XHTML is part of a fascination both for reliable, open
standards and for online technologies. This fascination started to
evolve back in the 1980ies when I designed software and online services
for the Austrian CEPT-Standard Videotex system 'Btx'.
Besides, I love ABBA, Ireland and chocolate and have a very emotional
relationship towards RDF, though the emotions involved range from
frustration to excitement, from love to hate, from "Why did they have to
build it upon URIs instead of using some concept to unambiguously
identify resources?" to "See the beauty and simplicity in it!"

Admittedly, I tend to feel a bit uneasy in lists like this because I
simply don't feel professional and experienced enough to participate. On
the other hand, it's public, so I'll go ahead. ;-)

Feel free to contact me and tell me you don't want me around any more.
There's also a wish list at amazon.at in case you'd like to comfort me
for all the flames I'll get :)

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