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Re: blockquote and quotation in XHTML 2.0

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 13:54:03 -0400
Message-Id: <BC1B775E-D861-47E7-8A90-298073CF37E5@w3.org>
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Le 05-06-21 à 13:08, fantasai a écrit :
> The problem with this is that you really can't tell whether or not
> the second paragraph is part of the quotation.

Mostly agreed, the content model of blockquote being quite undefined  
(for the best or the worse) it's difficult to say that it should be  
or not inside.

My question is really to be able to express something like that:

     dc:title        "La Chambre de l'amant" ;
     dc:creator      "Wei Hui" ;
     dc:lang         "fr" ;
     dc:identifier   <urn:isbn: 2-7467-0454-4> ;
     my:quote        "La ville est une fleur vénéneuse
                      qui s'évanouit en brillant de mille
                      feux, pleine de folie et vide de sens." .

[hreview][1] doesn't give the possibility to do that and it would not  
be the good purpose.

[1] http://www.microformats.org/wiki/hreview

Maybe an hquote to create.

There's also the fact that your elements for your quotes can be  
spread at many places in the page. It's quite common in fact.

For example, I could write in a Weblog

<p><cite class="dc:creator"><a href="http://tantek.com/log/">Tantek</ 
a></cite> has talked about microformats in his article <cite  
class="dc:title"><a href="http://tantek.com/log/ 
2005/06.html#d14t0854">The Business Case for Microformats</a></ 

<blockquote cite="http://tantek.com/log/2005/06.html#d14t0854">
<p><a href="http://thecommunityengine.com/home/" rel="met  
colleague">Bud Gibson</a> wrote a post recently titled <cite><a  
microformats_pr.html">Microformats provide immediate search  
visibility</a></cite>.  Bud compares <a href="http:// 
developers.technorati.com/wiki/MicroFormats">microformats</a> with  
other efforts and in the process explains why both publishing and  
indexing microformats has already proven to be a positive feedback  

Why it is useful because:
     - I can really have an analysis of quotes through a community.
     - I can create a quote database on a Web site.
     - I can built a search engine for quotes

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