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Re: why, e.g., input/@checked="checked" ?

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Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 12:23:26 +0000
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On Wednesday 30 Mar 2005 19:37, Barry wrote:
> The checked="checked" thing bothers me too. It's sloppy, and I don't care
> what wasn't considered in advance. It seems easy to fix. If any of the
> arguments to the contrary are valid, they went over my head, or maybe I
> didn't read them carefully enough.

We also find it extremely annoying.

I read the arguments. I agree on the importance of historical origins, but we 
are not talking about an ancient painting. These languages are only an agreed 
standard of communication.

They have, XTHML has, above all, the scope to work seamlessly, in my opinion. 
The  checked="checked" behaviour, together with the select="selected" 
behaviour, does not allow it to work seamlessly. It is not at all a  specific 
problem with templating engines. It is  foremostly a problem with logic. The 
behaviour is not very logical, in my opinion. 

Even from a technological point of view, it is not only a problem of 
templating engines. It is a problem for people who code as well. You have to 
introduce special subroutines for generating the proper code, with higher 
probability of error, which induces higher risk of non compliancy. 
Furthermore, there is performance reduction, which affects not only the 
single application but the net as a whole. Finally, the code you have to 
write is clumsy, ineffective, largely spoiling the (potential) elegance of 

It seems easy to fix.  

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