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From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 08:53:57 +0100
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Le 26 févr. 2004, à 19:18, Tantek Çelik a écrit :
> And HTML wasn't the first markup technology.  It wasn't the first 
> hypertext
> technology either.
> But it was the first with a low enough barrier to entry that it made 
> sense
> to try and use to substantially more people than previous solutions.

I encourage you to switch to Wiki syntax. no SGML, no XHTML, very 
simple Mark-Up. :)))) *wink*

I understand both camps for the need of simplicity with the need of 
power (=! complexity) :) Though do not confuse as well simple and 

I see also the reference to the Joe User and early history of HTML. 
People in the early history of Web were using hand-coding, because 
there were no tools at all. It was the only way to do it. And to 
produce and understand really the code, it was difficult in a sense. I 
see people around me that I consider Joe User, they use tools where 
they don't have to see the Mark-Up.

so now, saying all of that there might be solution which could make 
possible to implement a simple graph model easily with a way or 
another. a very well-defined profile mechanism with consensus (Tantek 
;) ) and the "rel" attribute on every elements of XHTML 2.0 could be 
the start of an exploration, but it is still have caveats.

I don't mind namespaces in documents but I understand that some people 
might be afraid. You might think also to a solution where in fact 
namespace are something present in the document but not visible to the 

       I            II              III

	Source       Source           User
	Code   ----> View       ----> Agent
	File         for Author       Interpretation.

My point is that you could have something like

	<foaf:name>Tantek Çelik</foaf:name>

	<name>Tantek Çelik<name>

Tantek Çelik

First Caveat: name conflict. But I'm pretty sure it could be solved 
with UI widgets and display.

The tools have evolved a lot and when I Instant messaging with someone, 
I do not see the source code of my messages and the elements of 
interface. It could be easy too for source code authoring with not too 
much development.

Btw, It could be the same also for translations depending on the 
language of your UI.


	<nom>Tantek Çelik<nom>

The solution is not necessary only in the Mark-Up but could be also in 
a "simple" software engineering.

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