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FREE - Home Spiritual Lesson Plans - No Religious Bias (Nature Based)

From: Reverend Dave <revdave@homechurching.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 20:17:38 -0500 (EST)
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NO Cost, NO Obligation, NO Religious Bias

" Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."   
                 ~ Albert Einstein ~ 

Augment YOUR CHILD'S Spiritual Learning
          Let NATURE be Your Guide

Nature is the only true teacher. All great masters of all religions used nature as a backdrop for their analogous stories. When we separate ourselves from nature's truths we struggle - when we attune ourselves we achieve balance. 

Your child wants you to teach her/him. You raise them - you comfort them - you love them. Yet for lessons as lasting as life itself we rely solely on others. Finding a teacher or religion is great - but be in charge -  augment it's teachings. It is within you to do so. It is within them to want you to! 

Tolerance is missing today. It is needed today. Partaking in your child's spiritual  development brings forth to you both an understanding deeper in scope - wider in understanding. Wars are fought because we fail to appreciate the simple truths shared by all - yet expressed slightly removed from our narrow framework. Share the simple truth - build tolerance. 

Time and structure are all that you need to mentor your child. But both are hard to come by. I can hopefully provide to you both! Weekly I publish and send via email a simple, colorful story. Kid's love stories and pictures. All great masters used them. 

The stories are simple - delivered online in an easy to print format - yet the lessons are timeless. All lessons use Nature (with no regard to religious bias) as an analogous teacher - relating her  balance back to subjects of truth, tolerance, and morality. All lessons come with a script - all you need to do is print and invest the 10 minutes a week to share them as a family. 

It is easy to do so. 

Simply visit my website and follow the links to "Lesson Plans".  Once you begin you can access the lessons weekly for as long as you wish - a week - a year - whatever.


Donations kindly accepted

These teachings are not mine - they are Nature's. Thus to charge a fee for that which belong to us all, would to me, be wrong. Rather, in appreciation for the administrative/advertising cost to bring you the lessons any donation would be appreciated - but NOT required. 

How much? You decide. When and how often? You decide. Give from your heart when your heart says to do so. 


Rev. David Wetzel (kindly make any check donation payable to same name) 

7954 Transit Road 
       # 134 
 Williamsville, NY  



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May Peace and Health be Yours !!

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