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Re: More language tags would solve a lot of annoyances

From: Andy Holmes <aholmes84@shaw.ca>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 15:01:20 -0800
To: ReedMon29@aol.com, www-html@w3.org
Message-id: <3FB55EC0.1070300@shaw.ca>

ReedMon29@aol.com wrote:
> All web pages start with either the <html> or the <?xml> tags.
> Even if you code in XHTML you still have to use the root tag <html>.
> But, instead of having such a useless tag, why not have a different tag 
> for the language the current part of the page is coded in?
> Why not have a <vml> tag, a <javascript> tag, a <css> tag or even a 
> <smil> tags? With that, you could switch from languages easily, 
> hopefully without losing the carat (replace the <script> tag with 
> </html><javascript> and it would work the exact same).
> It shouldn't be to hard to do, and should remove the need of the 
> "imports" tag for VML or SMIL.

I think this a bit unnecessary, considering XML namespaces and this 
would sort of defeat the point of inline VML/SMIL/SVG/MathML/etc. This 
is paving the road to a 'monolithic' markup language which what is 
trying to be avoided.

In addition to that, the <script> tag is used with the 'type' attribute 
because there is more than one scripting language out there and the same 
goes for <css> vs. <style>.

- Andy
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