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Re: Adding label to other list elements?

From: Ernest Cline <ernestcline@mindspring.com>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 12:02:20 -0400
To: <www-html@w3.org>
Message-ID: <3ED899CC.21322.8A3A667@localhost>

Ben Meadowcroft wrote:

> In a recent post entitled "XHTML 2.0 List Module negates the semantic
> usefulness of definition lists." I mentioned that the specification lacked a
> "more general/neutral list element
> that relates two items together (like a DT DD pair)". The motivation for
> this was to reduce the need for authors to "abuse" the definition list to
> model labelled dialogues for example.
> Having thought about it I would like to propose that the label element
> introduced with navigation lists be introduced into ordered and unordered
> lists. The motivation for this is that these more content neutral elements
> will now be able to utilised instead of wresting the semantics of a
> definition list. We will now have a proper mechanism for associating labels
> with normal list items.
> Use Case: modelling a dialogue.
> <ol>
>  <label>Dave</label>
>  <li>Hi, how are you doing?</li>
>  <label>Kieran</label>
>  <li>Fine Thanks, and you?</li>
>  <label>Dave</label>
>  <li>Doing well, I got that job I applied for at CERN so I am really
> pleased.</li>
> </ol>
> produces (with suitable css of course)
> Dave
>   Hi, how are you doing?
> Kieran
>   Fine Thanks, and you?
> Dave
>   Doing well, I got that job I applied for at CERN so I am really pleased.
> So does this idea have legs then? Perhaps a different element name than
> label(although I think it's quite neat)?

Well first off, while I can see the desirability of having an element 
to indicate a semantically important marker that is associated with a 
list item, it shouldn't be placed outside of the list item or you are 
just getting a <dl> with different element names.

In fact since your example is not a list, using an <ol> is just as bad 
as using a <dl>.

Rather, I'd use:

<div class="dialogue">
  <blockquote>Hi, how are you doing?</blockquote>
   And you?
   Doing well.
   I got that job I applied for at CERN, so I am really pleased.

Now if there were a Diologue Module with specific elements for this 
sort of thing, it would be even better, but do dialogues occur often 
enough to justify it?
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