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RE: SV: Latest version of XHTML

From: Nigel Peck - MIS Web Design <nigel@miswebdesign.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 12:23:01 -0000
To: "Herr Christian Wolfgang Hujer" <Christian.Hujer@itcqis.com>, "Jim Dabell" <jim-www-html@jimdabell.com>, <www-html@w3.org>, "Jesper Tverskov" <jesper.tverskov@mail.tele.dk>, "basil crow" <basilcrow@cox.net>
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> XHTML (these browsers announce this to the server by using
> application/xhtml+xml as part of the list value for the HTTP Accept:
header field).

Is it only Internet Explorer that is broken in terms of the Accept: header?
My understanding was that browsers in general didn't implement it properly?


MIS Web Design
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