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Updated: 29 November 2000

Welcome to the CSS1 Leader Board, a score-based summary of the CSS1 Master Support Chart. The top-scoring browser is highlighted with a yellow background and a boldfaced score. Any browser which scores above 90% in one of the two categories is highlighted with a light yellow background.

NOTE: The values on this chart are weighted. Please see the detailed explanation below for more information.

Navigator 4  33.2% / 19.6%   33.1% / 15.2% 
Navigator 6  98.5% / 93.5%   98.5% / 93.5% 
Explorer 3 20.9% / 15.9% 10.1% / 8.0%
Explorer 4 69.0% / 66.3% 76.4% / 69.2% Mac column refers to IE4.5
Explorer 5 72.4% / 68.5% 99.4% / 98.9%
Explorer 5.5 92.5% / 88.4% --
Opera 3 84.4% / 80.4% -- Refers to version 3.6
Opera 4 96.7% / 89.5% --


Here's how the numbers break down: the first value gives the percentage of property/value combinations (and so forth) which are supported by that browser, as a percentage of all the features which we track, as listed in the Guide's Master Support Chart. The second number shows the number of properties, pseudo-classes, and other CSS1 features which are fully supported. So, for example, if a browser supports all values of vertical-align, it counts toward the second percentage, but every supported value of that property counts toward the first. The first number is thus a better indication of overall support, while the second is a good measure of how far the developers have gotten in implementing the CSS1 specification.

Figure 1.

In order to improve the accuracy of the Leader Board, a weighting system has been adopted. The weighting of the rankings on the Master Support Chart uses a point system. The points given for each ranking are as shown in Figure 1. The use of such a system, it is hoped, provides a much more accurate picture of CSS1 support among current browsers.

The weighting system has been altered as of the 29 November 2000 update. In the past, bugs were given a weight of -0.5; they are now weighted as -1. The reason for this change is the debut of several browsers which support practically all of CSS1 with few or no bugs. In such an environment, bugs are less tolerable than they might have been previously, and so they are penalized more severely.

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