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RE: favicon.ico vs <link> - add link type for shortcut icon?

From: Jens Meiert <jens.meiert@erde3.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:35:59 +0200 (MEST)
To: Chris Moschini <Chris.Moschini@amdocs.com>
Cc: www-html@w3.org, www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <2820.1056990959@www5.gmx.net>

> perhaps reference to
> "favicon" belongs in a site's CSS instead

Why!? Otherwise please be consequent and stop all the object element
discussion and simply put all images into your CSS...!

I think the 'favicon' topic is very special, and I neither appreciate a
extra link element use nor a CSS integration for it, that's both inelegantly for
me. Either define a common place and name for it (as exists and often works
as 'favicon.ico' in the server root) and leave it from markup, or integrate it
e.g. as a <title /> attribute like

     <title icon="./foo/bar.gif" />

All the best,

> > Well, I think the main reason might be, this link type
> only has something to do with graphical browsers;
> text-only browsers, or speech browsers - will simply
> ignore it...
> Although it's only really useful for graphical browsers, that doesn't mean
> it's useless.
> That is interesting you mention CSS however; perhaps reference to
> "favicon" belongs in a site's CSS instead. Adding this to the standard
would at
> least ensure Mozilla and Opera would follow quickly, though IE it appears
> set in stone... .
> If a link tag is used, I agree "shortcut icon" is entirely innappropriate.
> It refers specifically to the Windows Desktop, and violates standards
> regarding the rel attribute. "icon" is the proper value. I also agree that
> Mozilla's acceptance of any image type (not just the .ico format) is
> appropriate.
> The question lies in, I suppose:
> Should the standard be one that formally agrees with and expands what's
> already there (that is, link rel="icon", any image format), or should it
> avoid such an obscure syntax and be added to the most sensible place for
> CSS, even though it means it will never see light of day on authors' sites
> for at least several years to come?
> -Chris "SoopahMan" Moschini
> http://hiveminds.info/
> http://soopahman.com/
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