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(Re:) ..About ELITE's tankless Gas Water Heater Dealership Programs..

From: Dmitriy Schwartz <eliteint@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 21:05:02 -0700
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"The next generation in water heater technology"
         Exclusive Importers  and  Distributors  of Termet S.A. EUROPE   Tankless Gas Water Heaters
    7909 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California,  90046, USA
    Tel. (323) 653-3131  Fax.  (323) 653-7171  E-Mail  info@go4elite.com
     See us on the internet:  www.go4elite.com
           Manufacturer site: http://www.termet.com.pl/index-en.htm
    Elite has recently obtains CSA certification of our three different models of Tankless Gas Water Heaters.  This means that all three meet or exceed applicable standards for safety and/or performance as administered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), National Sanitation Foundation International NSFI), and others, thus allowing them to pass any building inspection concerning their installation.  All three of these models will replace the tank type water heaters in the consumer's home and produce an endless supply of hot water for all their needs.  Elite's Tankless Gas Water Heaters supply over 200 gallons of hot water an hours.  Our Aqua Power model uses a Hydro-Generator to power an Electronic Sparker and fire the main burner to heat the water, instantly.  The Electronic model uses two "D" batteries to power the Electronic Sparker.  Elite's Therma Q model uses a standing pilot light to start the main burner.  All of Elite's Tankless Gas Water Heaters come in either Natural Gas (NG) or Propane Gas (LP) models.
Elite's Tankless Gas Water Heaters - Save Energy, Save Space, Save Money  Elites Tankless Gas Water Heaters use Fewer BTUs and thus Less Energy to supply Endless Hot water.
The MSRP for Elite's Tankless Gas Water Heaters range from $479 to $599.  By selling our units at these retail prices the consumer will pay a reasonable price for a superior product, and the reseller will make a substantial profit.  Depending upon which program is used to purchase these Tankless Gas Water Heaters from Elite, the reseller can realize a profit of $180 to $240 per unit sold.  
Special Offer - Sign up as an Authorized Dealer and receive a free Tankless Gas Water Heater to display in your store or showroom.
Following are three of the programs Elite International Company, Inc. offers to resellers to carry our fantastic line of Tankless Gas Water Heaters.
An Authorized Dealer can take advantage of a quantity discount on the purchase of Elite's Tankless Gas Water Heaters in order to increase their profit when making retail sales.  Generally the Authorized Dealer must make an initial minimum purchase of 25 or more Water Heaters in order to take advantage of the Authorized Dealer's special introductory wholesale prices.
There are no minimum amounts of Elite's Tankless Gas Water Heaters required for a Retailer to purchase in order to carry our water heaters.  The reseller need only purchase one or more Water Heaters at a time to take advantage of Elite's wholesale prices.
No investment of funds for inventory is necessary, as we will drop-ship any of Elite's Tankless Gas Water Heaters to your customer.  There are certain other restrictions to this program that the reseller will want to check out before becoming part of the program.
Because each of these programs demands different amounts of time and supervision the wholesale prices we charge under each program differ.  For further information about any of these programs, and pricing,  please contact us by telephone and/or e-mail

Dmitriy Schwartz, Dealer Department 
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