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Re: XHTML 2.0 considered harmful

From: Daniel Glazman <glazman@netscape.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 22:01:05 +0100
Message-ID: <3E25CC11.7090003@netscape.com>
To: www-html@w3.org

Mikko Rantalainen wrote:

>> copy and paste preserving the style.
> You cannot copy and paste *content with the styling information only* 
> if the target medium is sematic one, like (X)HTML. Period. 

This is a joke, right ???
You are telling me that we won't be able to produce wysiwyg authoring 
tools for the new standard of the web just because it is not made for that ?


I think this is clearly the best argument ever to make W3C members vote 
against XHTML2.0 and/or the W3C Director block the spec.

> You can copy from XHTML document to something like Illustrator that 
> doesn't care about the semantics and just about the style.

Exactly my point, thanks. A guru's dream totally unadapted to the web.

More seriously and despite the ironic tone of my answer, your answer 
really shocked me. If this is the goal of XHTML 2.0, then "XHTML 2.0 
delenda est".

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