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Re: XHTML 2.0 Roadmap

From: Arthur Wiebe <webmaster@awiebe.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 16:56:39 -0500
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On Dec 1, 2003, at 4:08 PM, Ernest Cline wrote:

>> [Original Message]
>> From: Arthur Wiebe <webmaster@awiebe.com>
>> In the XHTML 2.0 roadmap <http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/xhtml-roadmap/>
>> it states that the XHTML 2.0 Last Call will start it October 2004 and
> will
>> be a Candidate Recommendation in January 2004. What's happened
>> to the Last Call as it is now December?
>> <Arthur/>
> That is just a projected date, and that roadmap doesn't even mention
> the third, fourth, of fifth working drafts.  Given the current state 
> of the
> fifth
> working draft, I sincerely hope and expect that there will be at least
> one more working draft before going to Last Call.  There are too many
> uncertain issues in my opinion to justify going directly to a last call
> draft at this point. Hopefully WD6 will prove sound enough to justify
> an LC soon after, but only if the WG has ironed out most or all of the
> outstanding issues and sends out WD6 to get public comment
> on the proposed draft before either tightening it up for LC if the
> public generally likes it or slogging on to WD7 if there should
> prove to be a major problem.

I too was thinking that there should be at least one more Working Draft 
before the Last Call. I truly hope it shall be soon.
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