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Re: Getting <l> right (Was: Unicode line and paragraph separators)

From: Etan Wexler <ewexler@stickdog.com>
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 01:31:54 -0700
To: Mikko Rantalainen <mira@cc.jyu.fi>, www-html@w3.org
Message-id: <BAB7D54E.D12%ewexler@stickdog.com>

Mikko Rantalainen wrote to <mailto:www-html@w3.org> on 6 April 2003 in "Re:
Getting <l> right (Was: Unicode line and paragraph separators)"

> l { display: block; min-height: 1em; }
> This would prevent the abuse to use l element instead of missing br.

If included as part of the user agent style sheet, the CSS rule set would
lose to author styles and would prevent nothing. If we include the following
rule set in the default user style sheet, we will have some effect.

l {
    display: block !important;
    min-height: 1em !important;

That rule set in the user style sheet will override any settings from the
author style sheet.

An implementation of the :empty pseudo-class in CSS would permit still more
pointed discriminating styling.

Etan Wexler <mailto:ewexler@stickdog.com>
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