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Re: [XHTML2] Unicode line and paragraph separators

From: Simon Jessey <simon@jessey.net>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 07:18:22 -0400
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From: "Ernest Cline" <ernestcline@mindspring.com>
Subject: Re: [XHTML2] Unicode line and paragraph separators

> ... the default formatting is why the majority of paragraphs in
> current HTML are marked up as paragraphs, even when the content of the
> <p> is not really a parargraph.

Most things are supposed to be in paragraphs, though. For example, a table
of data or an image may actually reside inside a paragraph because they are
part of the concept within that paragraph. However, I am sure you will come
across dozens of illegitimate uses of <p>...</p> as well.

> > One thing occurs to me. If you are suggesting we ignore the structural
> > significance of paragraphs and treat them simply as separated chunks of
> > text, is that not reducing them to something similar to an unordered
> > Perhaps paragraphs should be marked up as lists instead.
> However, please tell me that you were trying to be humorous with that
> last remark.  In doing my little survey of web pages, I have seen so
> much bad coding practice, it is not funny. I have seen <p>'s used to
> hold content that should have been lists, list-items, headings and
> other semantic elements as well. <td><p>Text</p></td> is also
> depressingly common even in cases where the content was not even a
> sentence, much less a paragraph.

I was being more ironic than funny. I have seen plenty of cases where the
wrong structural elements are employed, many of which can be attributed to
crappy WYSIWYG tools. However the concept of using a list to markup
paragraphs is not so strange. I am using list items to wrap blog entries
that contain one or more paragraphs and taking it one step further into
nested lists doesn't seem that big a jump anymore.

Simon Jessey

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