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FW: Table and Form hierarchy

From: Rhys Lewis <rhys.lewis@volantis.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 12:55:09 +0100
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The W3C postmaster suggested that I post this here. If anyone has comments on the attached question it would be most appreciated.

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> Subject:	Table and Form hierarchy
> Hello,
> We are trying to understand what may be an ambiguity in the XHTML Basic specification.
> In the specification itself, it is clear that directly nested tables are not supported. However, the DTD's appear to allow nesting via another element. For example, from the DTD is seems that a structure in which a table contains a form that itself contains a table is allowed. The question is, is this the intent? The spirit of the specification would tend to indicate that such nesting should not be allowed even though the DTD does not appear to prevent it.
> Is there some way in which I can find out whether the intent of the specification is to allow the table within form within table nesting?
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