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Re: name / id attribute usage

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Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 19:23:50 -0500
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I'm aware of that.  As far as I'm concerned that is an issue which hasn't
yet been resolved reasonably.  It's not helpful to have attributes of the
same name serving different purposes in different situations.  E.g., it
would be much more straightforward if there were an attribute
'control-name' whose only purpose is to provide a name for a control in a
form.  If you were trying to make some specific point in relation to my
post, please elaborate.

Original Message:
From: Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky@MIT.EDU

> Furthermore, in 4.10 of XHTML 1.0 it says (once again regarding 'id' and
> 'name' used as fragment identifiers):
> "HTML 4 defined the name attribute for the elements a, applet, form,
> iframe, img, and map."
> This omits at least one element, 'input',

Note that for inputs, "name" is not unique.  Eg all the radio buttons in a
radio group have the same name.


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