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Re:Greek Forum-Cyprus

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Date: 20 Nov 2002 22:24:34 -0000
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Subject: Re: Re=Greek Forum message-Cyprus 
From: "Dimitris Tambakis" <tambakis@> 
Date: Wed, Nov 20 2002 3:32:47 PM +0200 

Dear Fellow Turks,

Fos us Greeks this matter is being stretching too long! We think it is time
to focus on more important, interesting and exciting matters looking into
the future, than thoughts like Denktas ruling or not ruling Cyprus.



From: "Yiannis K" <yiannis95@> 
Date: Wed, Nov 20 2002 9:18:16 AM +0000 

Well, Dektas will not rule Cyprus because he'll soon die :-)
And the Greek-Cypriots, in the long run, will rule the whole of Cyprus once 
again because they'll simply buy it from the Turks! Of course the Turks in 
Cypriots like the agreement. It's better to be a serf and live well than to 
be "independent" and starve.

Subject: Cyprus will always devided 
From: mbirand@ 
Date: Wed, Nov 20 2002 4:45:13 PM +0900 

People who will living in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus will want to
accept the new UN plan. Most Turks feel that they reach their goal in 28
years and now time to show world that they are much better than their Greek
neigbour, in educaton, health and security.

But unfortunatley GREEK still lives in past and their churches against to
any plan to be sign. As well as they hate see any Turks become to their

Despite the Greek argument Turks now shows more moderity and civilize maner
joining to EU as well as fighting terrorizm. It is ironic that Greek (EOKA)
terrorizm since 1963 against Turks now become reality that TURKS must have
their own land and they are more than happy to hold %28.5 land commparing
their population that is % 19.

GOD BLESS TRNC and welcome to Cypriot Turkish new era in their history. Now
wit this plan they can estabilish their own secure part of island and they
are also going to protected 9999 strong Turkish millitary whom will stayinh
in North part of Cyprus.


We Turkish Cypriot wants peace but our Greek Cypriot don't. Please help and found solution and make racist Greek Cypriot to understand that EOKA and ENOSIS always bring destriction to heleneizm.
Live with Turks and accept them as your nighbors and not enmey. Since 1071 helenzm looses land against Turks but helen people cannot lrearn this.
Now 28 years past and Cyprus will devided for eternity even if world recognize one cyprus. Cypriot Greek never be go their own home again. 
This is not for TURKS fault but it is racist EOKA and people who desire to ENOSIS. History will panish them as well as you if you still try to support EOKA and ENOSIS.

Turkish Cypriot
North Cyprus
Kyrinea, ky TRNC-ky
Turkish Republic of North Cyprus 
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