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pass this around, soory Vince I ment to send to the group, Re: Height _ DO NOT OPEN previous "HEIGHT" - Virus Warning

From: Eric <e.richards@clear.net.nz>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 06:27:54 +1300
Message-ID: <005901c1af33$c3059380$1500a8c0@686>
To: <www-html@w3.org>
      Kill off your computer Virus. 
      To disable VB Script to stop virus, select 
      Start => Settings => Control Panel=> Add/Remove Programs => Windows Setup => Accessories => Details, 
      then un-tick the "Windows Scripting Host".

      This brute force method does not work with Windows 95 where Add/remove programs does not give you the option of removing Windows Scripting Host - in any case doing so will prevent you accessing some web sites. More sane is to change Microsoft's security settings from their unsafe defaults:

      In Outlook Express (or Outlook, though the route is different) select 
      Tools => Options => Security and in the Security Zones section select the Restricted Zones settings for E-mail.

      While you are there, select 
      Tools => Options => Send and set message sending format to plain text - unless you really want HTML. This will stop you sending any KAK type viruses as scripting type viruses cannot be transmitted in plain text. A good reason for not using HTML.

      AND I HATE PLAIN BLACK WRITING ON WHITE BACKGROUND HTML E-MAILS, A VERY COMMON PRACTICE USED, WERE PLAIN NON-HTML E-MAILS WILL DO JUST AS GOOD. If you are going to send HTML E-mails add some color into them. These boring HTML E-mails are most often not clear until you reply to sender.

      Now open Internet Explorer and select 
      Tools => Internet Options => Security. Select the Restricted Sites pane and click on Custom Level. Scroll down towards the bottom and you will see under Scripting 'Active Scripting' which you will see is enabled. Change that to Disable. Apply the settings and all is done.

      These changes recognize that you should never ever expect to have Active X scripting in E-mail messages and set the options accordingly. Do them now, and check them from time to time in case an upgrade of Windows or IE has set them back.

      Also recommended is to go to Windows Explorer, select 
      View => options and ensure the 'Hide MS-DOS extensions...' option is NOT selected. Then when you receive a IloveYou.txt.vbs attachment you will see it is a .vbs one or whatever. Then select Filetypes, scroll down to VBScript File, and edit this so it opens in Notepad and not Windows Scripting Host. Note that you should never ever expect to receive a .VBS attachment in normal E-mail.

      For more details go to http://www.woodyswatch.com/wowmm/archives.asp. and download Woody's Office Watch for Mere Mortals issue 1.05, a basic guide to protecting your system.

      If everyone did this it would kill these types of viruses dead.


      Some free Anti-virus programs.

      http://www.ealaddin.com (Aladdin). 
      http://www.free-av.com/ (Antivir). 
      http://www.grisoft.com (AVG). 
      http://www.vcatch.com (vCatch). 


      http://www.grisoft.com (AVG). 
      http://www.datafellows.com (F-Prot). 
      http://www.sarc.com/downloads (Symantec). 

      Something to read.



Avoid virus from large Email attachments
These large Email attachments are been sent with more regularity today and beginning to think more and more of them might carry a virus, given by stupid subject names of the attachment, at the end of 2001 I got a virus without opening a attachment, so now using a better technique to solving this problem. 

I have been using Outlook Express message rules and "Do not download it from the server" and set it to 30K", but I might chop that size down, 30K is too big for standard Email, I can tell if there is mail up there bigger than 30K as after I download the mail, I click "send & receive" again, the progress meter runs along again but this time no more mail gets added to the Inbox. 

Then use the home pages of ones ISP (Internet Service provider) or http://www.mail2web.com/ to see what mail has not been down loaded, and delete all the mail with large attachments that look suspicious or strange. 

If I need to download a Email from a trusted friend, I disable "Do not download it from the server" download any mail, then enable my "Do not download it from the server" again and wait until next time. 

Below is a list of some extensions of the attachments to be suspicious of, 

      *.386 *.ACM *.APP *.ASP *.AWX *.AX *BAT *.BIN *.CDF *.CHM *.CLASS *.CMD *.CNV *.COM 
      *.CPL *.CSH *.DLL *.DLO *.DO? *.DRV *.EML *.EXE *.FLT *.FOT *.HLP *.HT* *.INI *.JS 
      *.LNK *.MDB *.MOD *.NWS *.OBJ *.OCX *.OLB *.OSD *.OV? *.PDR *.PGM *.PIF *.PKG *.POT 
      *.PPS *.PPT *.PRG *.RPL *.RTF *.SCR *.SCRIPT *.SH *.SHA *.SHS *.SHTM* *.SYS *.TLB *.TSP 
      *.TTF *.VB? *.VLM *.VXD *.VXO *.WIZ *.WLL *.WPC *.WWK *.XL? *.XLL *.XML     

From Eric

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  I had a warning from the .scr file
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